About Us


Love, the LOCALS

Love, the LOCALS

Love, the LOCALS

 We have well over 100 BC Artisans in our shop, and 90% of those are from the Okanagan Corridor!  We actively support COMMUNITY daily, and with so many amazing creations in the shop,  we really do make it easy to LOVE THE LOCAL!! 


Eco Products

Love, the LOCALS

Love, the LOCALS

 We have a wide variety of plastic free and eco products - helping you make that transition to a greener and plastic free home! We are the proud creators of ETC... Eco Tourist Carryall.  These 100% Cotton market bags are awesome! 


Customer Service

Love, the LOCALS

Customer Service

 We do our best daily to ensure that you are as happy as possible with your experience. If you have any questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! Heck, just come in for a visit!! 

About Me


Heya...I'm Sharon


I live in the amazingly beautiful Okanagan Valley, and am so fortunate to be a part of such a great community! 

​I have an obsession with brightly coloured fabrics from The East and bold statement jewelry, and my taste in art ranges from Jackson Pollock to Jonathan Winters.  I am a sucker for Mid-Century Modern architecture and furniture, and adore Asian & Middle Eastern spices.  

And black... I wear a lotta black.


Where we live


Shambala is Sanskrit for peace, tranquility and happiness;

According to Tibetan legend, Shambala is a mythical and beautiful valley paradise - a land where only pure of heart can live,

 in love and wisdom.


our shambala

We live in a beautiful and lush valley

Rich with bounty in autumn

Surrounded by mountains

Chest deep powder in winter

Cool and clear lakes

Abundant orchards & vineyards

Delicious scents and tastes

Turquoise waters and hot summer days

Yes... this is our Shambala.